Your lover too

I know you are afraid of your own self.
So am I.
But we felt it, it was right there.
In the way we laughed, in the way we touched, in the way your fingers wrapped around my neck when I looked in your eyes, the way our shadows coexisted in the dark, in the way we said goodbye.
Then I felt it even more when I felt the disappointment, the disgust, the sadness and shame. Thats when it really hit.
I thought I locked you away in a box.
You got out.
You held me down.
To keep me from going.
Emotions ran wild.
We felt it.
From thousands of miles away we fucking felt that shit.
You were so close, but we were so far.
You showed me the person you want to be, I felt it.
But you cant be just yet.
So I locked you away in a box.
It hurts, I feel it.
I’ve got nothing but faith & heart for you.
To be the person you’ve set out to be.
I miss you, I feel it, it hurts my bones.

But atleast I’m not numb.

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