Through your eyes

Received this in a text the other day; brought a tear to my eye.
You ever wonder how one sees you?

I have never met anyone quite like her before. In fact, I have never seen anyone quite like her before. She is dark and fiery, cold and mysterious, warm and bright. She is one part elegance and one part cut throat. She will eat your heart out and then hand it back to you.
Physically, she is a blessing to the eyes. But she is so much more than that. Mentally, she is a twisted maze full of intellectual depth.
Spiritually, her energy is vibrant and free, although she is a slave to herself. At times she is passionate and focused, while other times she is insecure and unsure.
All she wants is everything and nothing at the same time. I have known her for a short period, but long enough to figure out she wants to be loved, but she doesn’t want to be hurt.
She wants to succeed but she fears failure.
She must realize that without one there is no possibility of the other. Mistakes are enevitable, no matter how large or small. She must realize that she cannot be perfect, she can only be real.
She inspires me.
Underneath the shield and wall she has built for herself, there is a humble woman full of grace and poise.
I want to tap into the deepest, darkest parts of her mind and set her free. I admire every inch of her being.

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