DREAMWAVE Wrestling Immortality

At Immortality on February 6th, 2016 we will begin having qualifying matches for the first ever DREAMWAVE Gold Rush Ladder Match.
The Gold Rush Ladder Match takes place March 5th, 2016 at Road to ANNIVERSARY. It will be a six person ladder match with the winner going on to face the DREAMWAVE Champion at ANNIVERSARY VII on 4/9/16.
In order to be in the Gold Rush Ladder Match at Road to ANNIVERSARY, a person must qualify for it at Immortality on 2/6.
The fourth qualifying match announced takes place between former Tag Team Champion, Darin Corbin, and Deep Six’s “Franchise Player”, Brubaker!
The winner goes on to the Gold Rush Ladder Match at Road to ANNIVERSARY on 3/5!
Who will be victorious and move one step closer to main eventing ANNIVERSARY?
The third qualifying match announced takes place between JT Dunn and Deep Six’s Arik Cannon!
Despite the accusations making no sense on the surface, DREAMWAVE CEO, Jay Repsel, has lately been accused of being a Deep Six sympathizer, and giving Zahra her way, every since her arrival in October.
In what appears to be a direct response to those accusations, Repsel has made a match that certainly puts the DREAMWAVE Champion, Christian Rose, Zahra, and the DREAMWAVE Championship, in dire straits!
Rose will defend the DREAMWAVE Championship in a Monster’s Ball Match, against The Monster, Abyss!
The sixth and final qualifying match announced takes place between “The Icepick” Vic Capri and Deep Six member, Ruff Crossing!

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