The Fight Before Christmas.

“Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.”
A couple of months back, if you were going to assemble a team of guys to defend DREAMWAVE Wrestling against an onslaught of people hell bent on destroying it, three of the four guys in this match would be on that team.
Brubaker, has been on 90 consecutive DREAMWAVE shows (that’s all of them). Waylon has been here since nearly the beginning as well, even almost running for Mayor back in 2011 (yes, really). Mike Hartenbower cut his teeth in professional wrestling here, and even adopted the moniker “LVO” (La Salle’s Very Own).
In case you have been sleeping under a rock, DREAMWAVE is at war with a group consisting of newcomers and people who have been here all along. It is now clear that it is Zahra Schreiber (yes, that Zahra Schreiber) who is pulling the strings of this previously unarmed group of enemies, apparently now known as “Deep Six”.
Deep Six has taken both the young and impressionable (Donovan Danhausen) and the grizzled veterans (Brubaker) and convinced them that they share a common enemy, DREAMWAVE.
Hartenbower and Waylon (Spears & Beers) go to battle with two members of Deep Six, Brubaker & Danhausen at The Fight Before Christmas and there has never been more at stake.

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