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If you're attending @vanswarpedtour this year please support @feedourchildrennow by bringing canned food to their tent. In return get an express entry wristband! This charity specifically holds a dear spot in my heart and this is why. My mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and shortly after was confined to a wheel chair and put on full disability. She was a single mother with 3 kids and we lived month to month, check to check. Department of social services set us up with a company that supplied us with some groceries every two weeks. My big sister and I would go to the place and get to pick 4 bags of food. We lived in a very small town so the donations they got were limited and always basic stuff like oatmeal, canned corn, off brand basic cereal etc. As a child I would pray that we would get good bags with lucky charms, pringles, yummy soups 😂 but I didn't luck out often haha Feeling helpless is terrible for a parent or for a child. It makes me so happy to see this generation and scene getting so involved. Please donate!

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