DREAMWAVE Wrestling Season Premiere.

Team Overkill, Christian Rose & Matt Cage, the DREAMWAVE Tag Team Champions defend against Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano!

Team Overkill have been the subject of much controversy lately, when Christian Rose unexpectedly joined Deep 6 at Survival of the Fittest and then was Zahra’s hand picked suitor to challenge Marshe Rockett for the DREAMWAVE Championship at The Fight Before Christmas. That move proved to be a genius one, as Rose captured the DREAMWAVE Championship, becoming only the second dual champion in the company’s history.
All the scrutiny of late has been on Matt Cage, with his DREAMWAVE allies assuming he has followed Rose’s lead and joined Deep 6, which Cage vehemently denies.
Many inside DREAMWAVE feel that Marshe Rockett got the short end of the stick and was wronged when he was forced to put his DREAMWAVE Championship up against a member of Deep 6 of Zahra’s choosing at The Fight Before Christmas.
Rockett, without ample time to prepare, and no idea who to prepare for, lost the DREAMWAVE Championship to Zahra’s hand picked choice, Christian Rose. Many close to the situation are questioning management’s motives as to why they would grant such a match at Zahra’s request…and perhaps rightfully so.
Fast forward a month later, and Marshe will have a shot at redemption. Rockett demanded a match where Rose wouldn’t be able to escape him. He got just that. At Season Premiere, Christian Rose will defend the DREAMWAVE Championship against former Champion, Marshe Rockett, in a Dog Color match!
The rules are simple. Both men will be bound together by a steel chain that is connected a dog collar…that is attached to both of the their necks! The winner is the man who can successfully touch all four corners without interruption. This is one of the most dangerous and brutal matches in pro wrestling, dating back to the territorial days.
With nowhere for Rose to run, can Marshe recapture his prize possession, the DREAMWAVE Championship? Or will Deep 6’s numbers game be too much for Rockett to handle?
The war between Deep Six and DREAMWAVE Wrestling is one that has encompassed the entire company and has effected even those not directly involved in it.
Two people who are right at the front of the battle lines are Brubaker and Prince Mustafa Ali. Both are names that are permanently woven into the inner fabric of DREAMWAVE Wrestling.
Brubaker has chosen to side with the evil Zahra Schreiber and her Deep Six movement, hell bent on destroying DREAMWAVE Wrestling.
Prince Mustafa Ali has made a permanent return to DREAMWAVE to help defend the company which he helped to construct, quite literally through his blood, sweat, and tears.
The two are on different sides of this war, but their paths collide at Season Premiere, with the future of DREAMWAVE Wrestling hanging run the balance!

They nearly tore each other limb from limb at The Fight Before Christmas last month, but Deep Six, represented by Arik Cannon were able to edge out the victory over DREAMWAVE’s Darin Corbin, in what most people called the match of the night. This time they will do battle again without the restriction of rules. They will meet this Saturday in a “Come As Your Are, No Holds Barred, anything goes, no disqualification, La Salle Street Fight!
Can Corbin finally avenge the bitter betrayal he suffered at the hands of Cannon? Or will Deep Six take another step forward in dismantling DREAMWAVE Wrestling?

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