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Happiness is a sunday afternoon with you, getting lost in the woods. Sunshine is your smile because it can light up an entire room.

Your laughter is like a cmajor that I wanna hear all day and your eyes are a portal into another dimension that I want to explore forever. Your courage is comparable to a lion and your heart to gold. Your soul sets me on fire. Your body was pieced together so perfectly that not even my finger tips deserve to trace it. You my dear, are a story to be told, a book that I cant put down. I wanna read all of your chapters and fill your blank pages.

You are too good for these words, and that is why I’ll show you.

zahra blog

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Exclusive interview with Zahra Schreiber on #SpinningHeelKickPodcast.

This is as exclusive as it gets! She’s never done a podcast interview before, but felt the trust in me to be able to provide her the platform to share her story, my guest is none other than Zahra Schreiber! Most people have their assumptions about Zahra, but what people dont know is who she truly is; Zahra has overcame the odds to be where she is today, and is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever spoken to, and you will learn why. Zahra discusses her challenging childhood, finding motivation, Monty Brown, Jimmy Jacobs, her story about how her WWE try-out came to be, her time with WWE and NXT, her thoughts on Liv Morgan moving to the Main Roster, Paige’s return to WWE, Glampire, and her future projects.

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Zahra Blog

Blood runs cold

I can’t tell the difference between whats real anymore. I feel so fucking detached from everything and everyone. Can’t keep a connection because I go numb.
Years of neglect and suppression, you fucking made me this way.
I’m selfish, I’m cold, I am yours. Our blood is the same but I am not you.
Your soul is empty, your tears are dry.
You refuse to face it, to look it in the eye.
No accountability, no remorse.

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