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I’ve been thinking alot lately about why it seems humans are never able to attain happiness. I myself find myself always wanting more. Here are some random, sporatic thoughts on the subject.

Let’s go way back to when I was a kid. Little Zahra running around with no shoes, scrapes all over her legs, popsicle all over her face and worm guts all over her fingers. Things seemed so simple as a kid. Your mind is in its purest state. Your decisions are based on what you feel in your heart. Not corrupted by material goods or american idealism. Before reality television, social icons, iPads, selfies, love, lust, contour pallets, social media. As the years pass life seems to get complicated. You start to prioritize differently.

Now as an adult having been through a hell of alot of life, knowing the unimportance of material things and the importance of experiences, I still find myself unhappy often. Maybe I have reason to be, maybe the weight of failure weighs on me, always wondering what could have been.

But why is it we are incapable of being satisfied with our life? and no it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You hope to get that dream job and when you do you start looking for a raise. Youd kill for someones attention and when you get it you look elsewhere, why is that? Humans are always in a state of change and what we often forget is to live in the present. It’s not about wanting more, but about being present in the moment were in, and the people we’ve become.

I mean, I think its admirable to set goals and always strive for better but the problem is not taking the time to appreciate what we do have in that moment. The important things in life. I truly think what it all comes down to is balance and state of mind. Oprah once said, “I got so focused on the difficulty of the climb that I lost sight of being grateful for simply having a mountain to climb.” I try to remember that.

What makes you happy? obviously lots of things but name off a few in your head. For me, being generous brings me contentment and fulfillment. Making other people happy whether someone I care about or just stranger in need, thats something that genuinely makes me happy and brings me joy. If I could help one soul a day I would go to sleep feeloing accomplished.

The reality is we spend too much time focused on what others have and what theyre doing. Comparing others lives to our own. Letting low self esteem and insecurities get the best of us. Is the secret just learning to be content with never being content? Being comfortable with discomfort?

Really something to think about.


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The homie @barber_named_mario did some much needed maintenance on my head 👌🏻always killin it

Uma foto publicada por @hellishzahra em

Only because she likes the simple things in life @hellishzahra #MJGKUTZ #undercut #Freestyle 💈🔥😎🤘💈

Um vídeo publicado por Mario The Barber Gonzales (@barber_named_mario) em

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At our last show, ANNIVERSARY VII on April 9th, 2016, there was a match between Deep 6 and Team DREAMWAVE where control of the company was on the line. Team Deep Six was successful, hence making Zahra Schreiber the new CEO of DREAMWAVE.
Two months later, during our Summer break, I received a message from Zahra stating that she was leaving the wrestling business completely. It’s not my place to reveal her reasoning behind it. If that is something Zahra wants to share with the public at some point, that is her decision. I wish Zahra would have finished out her commitments with DREAMWAVE, but there are certainly no hard feelings, I wish her the best, and thank her for her contributions to DREAMWAVE during her time here.
Sometimes thing don’t always work out. Life goes on, ride the wave where it takes you…


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zahra zahra
Visual Soul Photography

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Have you ever met someone and just knew that the person was meant to come into your life? Like, somehow at some point in some way it was bound to happen? You and that person were just cut from the same cloth. From first introduction there was just familiarly and comfort that only increased. Like kindred spirits or best friends/mates/lovers/family from a past life? Someone who you aren’t afraid to be yourself with. Someone you can stay up at all hours of the night laughing at nothing. Someone you’re so in tune with that you know what each other are thinking without even saying? Someone you connect with so intensely that you can feel them even when they’re 10,000 miles away? Someone who gets you and understands. Someone who is other worldly. Who motivates and inspires you without even knowing it. Someone who doesn’t make you question who you are, who isn’t judgmental and accepts you for you all while pushing you to be better. Someone who meets you in the middle. Someone who’s kiss is like a live wire during a thunderstorm. Their smile makes you forget all that is wrong in the world. Someone whos voice feels like home. Someone who makes you wanna brave the storm. Someone that when you’re together you catch yourself stopping and thinking in your head how lucky you are, and when you part ways you find an ache in the pit of your stomach. Someone who makes you wanna scream your feelings at the top of your lungs but you don’t need to because it’s so real and genuine. Something or someone who is so extraterrestrial it makes you question everything. Something so good you’re not even afraid to lose it, because it’s that right. Someone you aren’t afraid to let get to the core. Someone who intrigues you more and more with every unveil. Someone who makes your heart skip a beat when you didn’t even know you had one. Something that isn’t forced or in genuine but is pure, natural and organic.

Someone who just makes you happy?

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